Aathichudi's vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating home environment to their children and to make them recognise and achieve to their fullest potential, so that they can have their best contribution to the society.

Our Mission Statement :

1) Aims to create an academic, physical, social, emotional and safe environment in association with parents, staffs, administrators and business partners.
2) Engaged learning in arts and sciences
3) Use innovative techniques to enhance learning process.

Intuition to start a Playschool :

A few decades ago, the concept of playschools in India was unheard of. Now because of nuclear families, father and mother does not spare time to talk with the child as both are involved in office and household activities. As a result, percentage of children speaking at the age of 1-1.5 yrs is reduced unlike olden days when you had grandparents to talk with the children. Playschools provide opportunity for your children to socialize with other children. In addition they will also gradually get used to the concept of a classroom in an informal manner making their transition in school much easier.

Why we chose the name ‘Aathichudi’:

“Aathichudi” is a single line quotation that teaches good habits, discipline, and good works for all. We should be proud that our literatures comprise all about early education, humanity, social values and what not. But, what worried us is that our traditional values of greeting visitors, offering them a drink, helping the needy are fading drastically. So, we in our school want to impart not only academic education but also these traditional values. This made us to choose the name “Aathichudi”.